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Garage Door Repair Mt Juliet TN

Providing garage door repairs to Mt Juliet, TN and the surrounding areas

Here at Franklin Garage Doors we have been servicing Mt Juliet, TN for over a decade. All of our experts have years of experience, so they are able to handle almost any type of garage door repair. We guarantee fast and friendly service from our certified and licensed technicians and will make sure your door is up and running as soon as possible. Our office is open all week long to take your call to book an appointment with our professional technicians. Contact us today if you live in Mt Juliet, TN and are having problems with your garage door.

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Our Main Garage Door Services

The most common garage door issues usually require spring repair, garage door installation and opener repair/installation. We also repair rollers, cables, off-track garage doors, panels and more!

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Spring Repair

Your garage door springs are one of the key components to make sure your door is operating properly. There are 2 main types of garage door springs, torsion and extension. The extension spring system is located down the sides of your garage door. The torsion spring system is located on the top on the front of your door and unlike the extension springs, the torsion springs can come in a pair or individually. They are also usually more expensive but more durable than extension springs. When your garage door springs break it can be dangerous to operate the door, so if you live in Mount Juliet, TN and have one of these garage door spring types, then call us today!

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Opener Repair

Our technicians are trained to work with a variety of garage door opener brands such as LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman which are all great brands of garage door openers. We can fix any issue related to your opener from sensors and keypads to the opener itself. If you need help with programming remotes and keypads then we can do that too! If you live in Mount Juliet, TN and have one of these garage door opener brands then call to schedule an appointment any day of the week.

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Opener Installation

Do not worry if your garage door opener cannot be repaired, because our technicians are trained for installations as well. We work with LiftMaster which is the professional version of Chamberlain and Craftsman. These openers will easily last you from around 15-20 years depending on how much you use your garage door. If you live in Mt Juliet, TN and are having issues with your opener, then contact us today. Our technicians will take a look and help you decide if it is time to replace your garage door opener.

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Cable Repair

The cables on your garage door are responsible for lifting most of the weight of your garage door. If you have broken garage door cables, it can be almost impossible to operate the door just from the sheer weight of it. In fact, operating the door with broken cables can even cause more damage and is not advised. Give us a call right away if your garage door cables are broken/loose and you live in Mt Juliet, TN. We will come out to take a look right away and get your garage door up and running, so that no more damage will be caused to your door.

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Roller Replacement

Garage door rollers are what help the garage door up and down the tracks smoothly. If your rollers are popped, operating the door can make the problem worse, and can even be dangerous and cause accidents. Fortunately, it is a quick and easy fix for our professionals. So, if you see your garage door rollers are popped or damaged and you live in Mt Juliet, TN then call us any day to schedule an appointment.

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Garage Door Installation

Here at Franklin Garage Doors, we do more than just repairs. Our highly experienced technicians are trained to perform new installations on doors as well! You can contact us 7 days a week to schedule a FREE new door estimate with one of our certified technicians. We work with the best brands like Amarr, Wayne Dalton, and Clopay to ensure you are getting the best garage door possible. Our technicians will make sure to go over all of the options and find the one that will suit you best.

About Franklin Garage Doors

Serving Mt Juliet, TN and the surrounding areas

Franklin Garage Doors has been open and servicing the Mt Juliet, TN area for over 10 years. Our certified and licensed technicians have many years of experience working with every garage door repair issue that you can imagine. We can repair any garage door repair issue from rollers and panels to springs and keypads.
We only work with the finest brands of openers like LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman. We our open 7 days a week, so you can call our office throughout the whole week. We always try to come out as soon as possible no matter what the issue is to make sure you and your door stay running smoothly. Besides repairing garage doors and garage door openers, we can also install them. We install LiftMaster openers which are the professional version of Chamberlain and Craftsman. These kinds of openers can easily last between 15-20 years, depending on how much you use your door. Moreover, we install the best brands of doors like Amarr, Wayne Dalton, and Clopay. They have plenty of variety of high-quality doors to ensure that we can find the garage door that will best suit you and your house. We offer FREE appointments on new door installations so that way our technician can show you everything we have to offer.
If you live in Mt Juliet, TN and you need garage door help, then look no further. Call us any day of the week to schedule an appointment. We guarantee fast and friendly service that will leave you satisfied, and of course, with a working garage door!
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