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Garage door panels are the visual part of the garage door. When one of them is damaged, it can be replaced, since replacing the panel is usually much cheaper than repairing the entire door.

Garage door panel replacement is an affordable option, especially when just one part of the door is broken. Replacing panels can be necessary when a garage door has some structural damages. They can occur, for example, when a car accidentally drives into the door. Smaller objects, such as lawnmowers and kids on bicycles, can also cause some damages. Panel replacement is also a good option if your garage door has some scratches or imperfections.

Garage doors can be very bulky and heavy. When they work properly, they are safe for the user. However, when any problems appear, the heavy panels can become a hazard. To maintain full security, replacing garage door panels should always be done by more than one person. By entrusting the garage door panel replacement to professionals, you can be sure that everything will be installed and done properly. Moreover, for your full security, they should comply with safety regulations.

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Issues with Garage Door Panels

There are many reasons why your panel might be broken. Some of them include:
-Natural aging of the door
Broken springs, cables, or other parts
-Low quality of materials
-High exposure to the sun
-Impact damages

There are many reasons why your panel might be broken. Some of them include:

  • Natural aging of the door
  • Broken springs, cables, or other parts
  • Low quality of materials
  • High exposure to the sun
  • Impact damages
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Some of the most common issues with garage door panels are bent panels, broken panels, and dented panels. Bent panels can be a reason why your garage door is getting stuck and is not able to move up and down smoothly.

When a car, bicycle, or even a ball hits a garage door, the panels can easily dent. That may look unaesthetic but can also cause technical problems with your garage door. If you have discontinued doors, you should also consider changing the panels, so you can keep enjoying properly working doors.

As a few panels create a garage door, you can choose to replace or repair just one of the panels, instead of the whole door. In many cases, this is the cheaper option that can also save you time. However, if multiple panels require repairs, we recommend that you check with an expert if it is not cheaper to replace the whole door.

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

Here are some factors that can influence your decision regarding whether to replace your garage door panels or to replace your entire garage door:

Costs of Replacement

Replacing a panel in your garage door can be very economical. Yet, it is still one of the most expensive parts to fix. If you need to only replace one panel, most probably it’s the right solution for you.
However, if more panels are damaged, you should calculate if it’s not cheaper to replace the whole door, instead of investing in single panels.

Age of the Door

The older your door is, the harder it might be to find the right parts for replacement. The panel has to be similar in weight and size, and you will probably want it to look similar to the existing garage door panels.
Over the last few years, the safety and energy efficiency of garage doors (in terms of insulation) have significantly increased, so you may consider upgrading to a new garage door.

Cause of Damage

If your door panels don’t function as they should because of natural wear and tear, you should check if the problem only lays in one panel with a professional.
However, if your garage door was damaged from a car, or someone was trying to open it when it was locked, the damages to the whole garage door system can be more serious and create danger for the users. It is necessary to verify if more than one panel was disfigured and immediately fix any hazardous damages.

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

Proper installation can save you money. A panel that was installed improperly can get damaged very quickly, and you may need to replace it again. When a professional proceeds with the work, you get a long-lasting, safe solution.

All the technicians from Franklin Garage Doors have many years of experience. They hold an appropriate license and always have a professional approach to their work. Choosing our professional garage door repair is going to save you money and trouble in the future.

We know that fixing a garage door or panels can be very urgent. This is why we offer same-day service and are available for you seven days a week.

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