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The garage door opener often resembles a small box that is mounted on your garage ceiling or wall. It has a number of small parts that work together in unison to help the door open and close. As such, if one of the parts breaks or isn’t working properly, then the opener itself may break down. Also, the other parts can be damaged by one part malfunctioning.

One of the most important parts of the opener is the garage door motor. The motor is the part that drives the entire opening system and allows it to function. In addition, your opener has an emergency release, garage door trolly, and garage door opener remote. The emergency release is another crucial part of the opening system because it stops the opener from working if it detects any issues with the functioning of the mechanism.

garage door opener

As discussed above, garage doors can be dangerous if the opener isn’t working properly, so the emergency release is a crucial part. However, it may be oversensitive. At times, the release can trigger when the opener isn’t actually broken, stopping the opener from working at all. As such, a perceived problem with the opener may actually be due to a false alarm from the release function.

When we install new garage doors, we can also provide customers with garage door opener installation. This is a standard part of our service, but it isn’t mandatory. If you would like a new garage door but don’t want to replace your current opener, then we can simply remove the old door and link the new one to your opening system.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Sometimes, your garage door opener might be malfunctioning partially. This is often not a cause for you to replace the entire opener if you don’t want to. We offer a repair service that resolves the issue and lets you keep the existing opener. Reasons for the malfunction of your garage door opener can include a lack of maintenance or improper use, but the opening system may also break down due to wear and tear. We repair LiftMaster, Craftsman and Chamberlain openers.

Whether your opener is no longer working due to a broken gear, faulty motherboard, damaged or missing sensors, a loose chain or non-functional wall unit or remote, we perform any necessary repairs to get the opener working again as soon as possible. With our garage door opener repair, you can rest assured knowing that your opening system has been inspected and will continue performing well into the future.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Many times installing a new garage door isn’t necessary but sometimes, replacing your existing opener is. This may be your choice or might be required if you decide to sell your house (and your existing opener doesn’t have the proper sensors). If the unit is simply too old, it generally needs to be replaced eventually, too. We install LiftMaster openers.

You may also need new opener installation if the sensors on your old opening system aren’t compatible with your new garage door. We can tell you if this is the case when we perform your new garage door installation or garage door opener repair. Finally, you may also choose to replace the opener if you would simply like to upgrade to a newer, better option – lets say you have a chain drive opener and are looking for something quieter such as a belt-drive opener.

Our Garage Door Opener Repair Best Practices

emergency release opener

Emergency Release is Pulled Down

Sometimes, the garage door emergency release is pulled down due to it being triggered. If your garage door won’t open, then this is a potential cause because it disengages the opening system.

manually open garage door

Opener Reversing Feature Doesn’t Work

If the opener reversing feature doesn’t work, then the door might open or close erratically. We can detect this during a garage door safety check. It can be a serious safety concern if the reversing feature isn’t functioning properly.


Grinding Noises

One of the most important parts of your garage door’s opening system is the gear inside the opener. If it’s making any grinding noises, then it may not be articulating properly. Whenever we service your garage door or opener, we always inspect the gear to test its performance.

garage door sensors

The Garage Door is Not Closing Normally (Sensors)​

When we repair or check your garage door for issues, we test the sensors to see if they are working properly. If we detect any problems with the sensors, then there may be an issue with the opening system, too. In addition, we inspect the switch and the close limit. If we detect any problems at this stage, then we can carry out the necessary repairs.

garage door keypad

The Remote or Keypad Not Responding

Remote keypads and controls make garage door openers so convenient. However, they can be quite impractical if they stop functioning properly. If you’re noticing issues with the performance of your opening system, it may be due to the keypad or control no longer working as it should.
Whenever we carry out our maintenance work, we check these components to make sure they’re functioning perfectly. If we notice anything less, then we repair it accordingly.

Types of Garage Door Openers

Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener

chain drive garage door opener

A chain-driven garage door opener drives the door open and pulls it shut with a chain mechanism. Chain-driven openers are generally very durable, last many years and cost less than belt-drive openers. Their downside is that they are noisy.

Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener

belt drive garage door opener
The belt-drive garage door opener operates the same as the chain-drive opener, but it has a moving belt instead of a chain.
Belt-driven openers are often quieter and smoother to use than chain-driven models. Unfortunately, belt-driven openers may not last as long as a chain-driven model and they cost more.

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

It’s crucial that your opener is installed and repaired properly and in line with relevant safety regulations. At Franklin Garage Doors, we do just that. Our technicians are licensed, professional, and experienced. Working with us can save you money and time in the long run by avoiding excessive and repeated repair and maintenance work on your opening system. We can get it right the first time!

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