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The cables of your garage door play a very important role in the functioning of the whole mechanism. They are located on both sides of the door and have to maintain the same amount of tension. This way they can ensure the proper functioning of your door.

If a garage door cable breaks or snaps, you are going to notice it right away. Snapped garage door cables can be a safety risk. A garage door cable installation can be even more dangerous.

Because of the heaviness of the door and the high tension which the springs located in your garage door are under, it is crucial to comply with all the safety regulations while replacing cables.

Proper installation is crucial for your security. If the cable is installed improperly, there is a high risk it is going to snap again, causing tremendous damages. Moreover, if the cable is installed wrongly, it is going to wear away much quicker than it should, bringing another problem with your garage door in no time.

We highly advise you to not try to repair your garage door cable on your own. This job requires professional knowledge and experience that is necessary to fix the issue without causing more damages or even creating a risk of injury.

garage door cable replacement
garage door cable

Garage Door Cable Issues

Garage door cables are made of heavy-duty wire. Because of that, they usually last many years. However, sometimes something sudden and unexpected may cause them to snap. Cables can also break as a result of a gradual process of wear and tear.

Your garage door is exposed to the elements and heavy weather condition for years. Because of that, cable corrosion is pretty common. Rust can appear on the metal cables and cause them to malfunction.

Cables can also wear away because of the friction from the other garage door parts. Pulleys that are worn out or have broken, as well as springs and cable drums, can damage your garage door cables.

It’s natural that old cables are more likely to create the risk of an unexpected snap, so it’s worth to check them as soon as you notice something odd in your garage doors. Other things that can prevent your door from properly working are jammed and unwound cables.

In any case, damaged cables can be dangerous, so you should seek an expert’s help as soon as possible. Contact Franklin Garage Doors to get a diagnosis and solution for your garage door problems. Our experienced technicians can handle all of the mentioned issues and give your doors a new life.

Types of Cables and Their Uses

For the quick and safe opening of your garage door, three types of cable are necessary. If any of them stop working properly, it can cause the malfunctioning of your garage door and create a safety risk.
The door mechanism works thanks to an emergency release cable, a retaining cable, and a lifting cable.

garage door cable

Lift Cables

This type of cable allows your garage door to open and close. Unfortunately, it is also the part that is most likely to break.

The cables are attached to springs, so when they break, there is a high risk of injury as the springs can pop out and hit an item, creating financial damage, or a person, creating a life hazard.

Broken or jammed lift cables can be invisible, but you may notice some odd things in your doors. Often people notice a wire sticking out of the door or have a problem with its smooth opening. If you notice any of this, you should stop using the door and contact a specialist from Franklin Garage Doors. There is a chance that if you use the mechanism, the remaining cable can snap and cause a lot of damage.

Retaining Cables

Another name for retaining cables is safety cables. They protect the door from collapsing in case the spring is broken and they are situated on both sides of the door. When the spring snaps, they keep it in its place, preventing it from popping out and causing terrible damages around.

At Franklin Garage Doors, we have professionals with years of experience in replacing snapped cables and broken springs. They know exactly how to deal with the issue while taking all security measurements into consideration.

Emergency Release Cables

This type of cable is very useful if the power goes off. Emergency release cables allow you to open the door manually. It can also serve you if the motor breaks.

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

The technicians from Franklin Garage Doors can verify your door problem and address all the issues that should be fixed. We have years of experience and are licensed professionals. For the full comfort of our clients, we offer same-day service, and we are available for you seven days a week. We don’t want you to sleep with your garage door open or live in a place that creates a hazard for your health or even life.

We can ensure you that investing in professional garage door repair is going to save you a lot of trouble and stress. Moreover, you will save money in the long run as the job is going to be done properly and with high-quality materials.

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