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Garage Door Repair Brentwood TN

Providing garage door repairs to Brentwood, TN and the surrounding areas

Franklin Garage Doors has been servicing Brentwood, TN and the surrounding area for more than 10 years. Our technicians are trained to provide high-quality garage door repair and installation service, and will be able to handle almost any type of garage door issue you have. If you decide to contact us, we guarantee fast and friendly service from our technicians that will have your door operating in no time. Our office is open all week long to take your call and schedule an appointment with one of our experts. If you live in the area of Brentwood, TN and think your garage needs a repair, then contact us today!

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Our Main Garage Door Services

The most common garage door issues usually require spring repair, garage door installation and opener repair/installation. We also repair rollers, cables, off-track garage doors, panels and more!

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Spring Repair

Garage door springs are an essential part of your garage door system and are what helps your door run smoothly. There are two types of springs than can be installed. Extension springs are located on the sides of the garage door and come in pairs, whereas torsion springs are installed at the top on the front of the door and don’t have to come in a pair. Torsion springs are considered to be more durable, but are also more expensive. If you live in the area of Brentwood, TN and have broken garage door springs, don’t try to operate your garage door, since it can cause even more damage, and call an expert right away.

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Opener Repair

We are trained to repair almost any issue relate to garage door openers. Our technicians have years of experience in working with a variety of opener brands such as LiftMaster, Craftsman and Chamberlain. These openers are considered to be the best on the market and will easily last you years of garage door use. We can fix issues related to parts like sensors, keypads and to the unit itself. Moreover, if you need help with programming your remote or keypad, we can do that too. If you live in Brentwood, TN, call us today and have an expert come over to take a look at your garage door opener.

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Opener Installation

In case your garage door opener is unrepairable, our technicians are trained for installations as well. We install brand new LiftMaster units, which are the professional version of Chamberlain openers. Depending on how much you use your garage door, these openers will last you anywhere from 15-20 years. They can come with features such as a backup battery, WiFi and a camera. So, if you live in Brentwood, TN and need to replace your old garage door opener or simply want to upgrade to an opener with new features, then contact our office today to book an appointment with a technician.  

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Cable Repair

Garage door cables are responsible for lifting the majority of the weight of your door. When the cables are broken, it can become very difficult to try and operate the garage door due to the heavy weight of it. Moreover, if you continue operating your door with broken garage door cables, it can cause even more damage and is not recommended. If you live in Brentwood, TN and the surrounding are and have broken or loose cables, give us a call today and we will come out as soon as possible to take a look at your garage door.

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Roller Replacement

Garage door rollers help your door travel up and down the tracks smoothly. If you notice that your rollers are popped or damaged, you should avoid operating your garage door since it can make the problem worse. Moreover, it can be dangerous and can lead to accidents that might damage your property or hurt you and members of your family. Fortunately, roller repair is a quick and easy fix for out experts. So, if you have popped or broken rollers and live in Brentwood, TN, then call us any day of the week to book an appointment.

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Garage Door Installation

The technicians at Franklin Garage Doors are certified to do more than just repairs. They are trained and experienced in performing new installation on doors. Contact us any day of the week to schedule a FREE estimate on a new door installation with one of our professionals. We work with top brands on the market such as Amarr, Wayne Dalton and Clopay, to make sure you’ll get a high-quality door than will easily last you plenty of years. Our certified and licensed technicians will go over all of the options we have to offer and find the best one for you.

About Franklin Garage Doors

Serving Brentwood, TN and the surrounding areas

Franklin Garage Doors is a local garage door service in Brentwood, TN, that provides professional repair and installation services. Our technicians have endless experience working with different garage door repair issues. They are trained to fix issues such as broken garage door springs, off-track, snapped garage door cables and more.

We only work with the finest brands of openers such as LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman. We can repair almost any issue related to openers and also program your keypad and remote. In addition, we install brand new LiftMaster openers that will serve you many years in operating your garage door. These openers can come with different features like WiFi and a battery backup.

In addition, we also install the best brands of doors like Amarr, Wayne Dalton and Clopay. We offer FREE estimates on new garage door installations, so that our technicians can show you everything we have to offer.

If you live in Brentwood, TN and the surrounding area and need help with your garage door, then look no further. Give us a call any day of the week and our office staff will schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We guarantee professional, fast and friendly service that will leave you satisfied with a working garage door!

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