How to Program Your Garage Door Opener Remote

Today, almost all garage door models are equipped with an opener, which controls the garage door’s movement. Usually, the garage door opener works with a wireless remote control to open or close the door at a certain distance.  

But for the garage door remote device to work, you need to program it with the opener. Some of you might find programming an overwhelming task. But for a garage door opener, it is basically connecting your garage door opener to its remote device by pressing some buttons. 

Garage door opener remote programming can vary from model to model. So that you could understand better, here is a detailed guide on how to program your garage door opener remote

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What You Need to Program Your Garage Door Remote

More often than not, garage door openers are at the top of the garage. So, if you plan to program the opener, you should have a stable ladder to reach the unit. Moreover, some garage door opener models have covers, so you also need a screwdriver to access the buttons for programming.
Aside from ladder and screwdriver, programming a garage door opener requires comprehensive knowledge and understanding to follow the instructions of the garage door opener’s manual. Since the programming process can vary depending on the brand or model, you need to familiarize the components of your unit and know their mechanisms.

How to Program Garage Door Remote Step by Step

If you are looking for detailed steps on how to program your garage door opener remote, then you have come to the right place. After obtaining a ladder and a screwdriver, you are now ready to connect the opener and its remote control device. Today, you will learn programming different garage door opener brands, such as Liftmaster, Craftsman, and Chamberlain.

Liftmaster Opener Programming

liftmaster opener programming
A Liftmaster garage door opener is one of the best openers in the market due to its up-to-date features that offer convenience and security. If you own a Liftmaster garage door opener, here are the steps for a Liftmaster garage door opener programming:

1. Find and remove the panel that covers the buttons on the opener. Usually, it is at the back or the sides.
2. Locate the “LEARN” button, which usually has an LED light that matches the color of the antenna.
3. Press the “LEARN” button for about 30 seconds.
4. Then, immediately click a button on your remote device for about three seconds. Refer to your manual the corresponding program each button holds.
5. To know if the program is successful, the LED light on the remote device should blink, or the light on the opener should turn on.
6. Test the garage door responsiveness. If it did not work, repeat the steps above.

Craftsman Opener Programming

craftsman opener programming
The Craftsman garage door opener is another top-rated opener brand that uses highly-developed features to cater to the needs of garage door owners. Follow these steps for Craftsman garage door opener programming:

1. Locate the “LEARN” button, which is usually at the back of the unit.
2. Press the “LEARN” button for about 30 seconds or until its LED light indicator turns off.
3. On the remote control device, press your desired program based on the manual.
4. While pressing the button, push the “SRT” button on the opener until you see a flash of light.
5. If you have multiple remote devices, repeat steps 1-4 for the other controls.
6. Test the garage door if it responds to your recently programmed button. If not, try again and make sure to do the steps fast.

Chamberlain Opener Programming

chamberlain opener programming
Last but not least, the Chamberlain garage door opener is one of the most popular brands among garage door owners. It has different models, which are widely available in the market. Here are the steps for Chamberlain garage door opener programming:

1. Look for the “LEARN” button on the sides or back of the garage door opener.
2. For about 30 seconds, push and hold the “LEARN” button.
3. Immediately after step 2, press the desired program on the garage door opener remote for about three seconds.
4. Wait until you see a light indicator on the garage door opener or hear two clicks.
5. Test the programmed button. And if it doesn’t work, repeat the steps for Chamberlain garage door opener programming.

The steps presented above are the general instructions for different garage door opener models. For accurate and flawless garage door opener programming, always follow the unit’s manual or hire a professional. There are a lot of garage door companies that offer garage door opener programming for different brands. 

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How to Change Battery in Garage Door Opener Remote

Through time, the remote device of the garage door opener may malfunction due to wear and tear or damages. But, before opting for a garage door opener repair, check the batteries first. More often than not, a simple battery replacement can solve an unresponsive opener.
Depending on your remote device, you can use a screwdriver or simply pull out the cover to replace the batteries. On average, the batteries last for two years, so be ready to replace them.
If the battery replacement did not work, call a technician for inspection and a possible garage door repair.
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How to Reset Garage Door Opener

If you lose your garage door opener remote, you need to reset the opener by reprogramming it. That way, you can prevent unwanted entries in your garage.
You can follow these steps to reset or reprogram the garage door opener and its remote:
  1. Locate the “LEARN” button and press it for about six seconds or until its LED indicator turns off.
  2. Push and hold the “LEARN” button again. Note that its LED indicator will briefly turn on, and then wait for it to be off.
  3. Now, the programs are reset to default. You can reprogram it by following the programming processes presented above.
Note, however, before doing any resetting process, always check your manual and follow its instructions.
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How to Set Up Garage Door Opener in Car

Nowadays, cars have a built-in button for opening the garage door. So, like the remote device, you need to connect it with the garage door opener by programming.
So, here are steps by step guide to set up your car with the garage door opener:
  1. Press the “LEARN” button on the opener but avoid holding it for several seconds since it might reset the unit.
  2. Locate the garage door opener in your car. Typically, it is at the rear-view mirror or the sun visor of the driver’s side.
  3. After step 1, press and hold the opener’s button in your car right away. It is best to have someone to do it for you.
  4. Wait until you see a flash of light on the opener or the button of your car.
  5. Test the garage door opener. If it doesn’t work, retry steps 1-4.
The steps above are just general instructions in connecting your car with the garage door opener. It is best to follow your opener’s guide to sync your garage door opener with the car’s button.
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Where to Buy Garage Door Opener Remote

Most of the time, the garage door opener remote comes with the unit upon purchase. But, there are times when you lose the remote device, and you probably don’t know what to do.
Don’t worry since you can easily purchase a garage door opener remote on authorized dealership stores, hardware, and the internet. It is best to buy the exact remote model of your opener rather than a universal one. That way, the frequency or its other features are in sync with the garage door opener.
Garage door openers work with their remote device to open or close the garage door automatically. If you recently replaced your old garage door opener remote, you need to program it so that the opener could “read” its signal.
Garage door opener remote programming requires a deep understanding to follow the instructions on the manual. As it involves locating unfamiliar buttons, some may face problems in programming the garage door opener remote.
So, don’t hesitate to call a garage door technician near you. Garage door companies that offer garage door services are experts when it comes to programming. Also, calling them would save you from the hassle and inaccurate connection between the opener and its remote.
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